For Our Dog’s Best Life

Riley+Mae was born out of a love for a dog and giving him the best life with us, his furever family.  Welcoming a puppy into your family is exciting and rewarding.  The unconditional love and loyalty of a dog is immeasurable.
We know dog parents are taking their dogs out with them more often into busy social situations.
Sometimes this can be an anxiety inducing experience, especially for a young puppy.  We noticed our own dog Riley would be unsettled and restless sitting on the cold hard floor, surrounded by unfamiliar noises and bustle.
It was from our own wish to help Riley feel more secure that we designed the Urban Travel Bed.  We use it at home with him and as soon as he sees it come out for him on our outdoor adventures he quickly settles on it.  We immediately saw an improvement in his behaviour.  Being a little fussy, I wanted something that didn’t look like a dog bed when I carried it!  Our thoughtful design brought functional purpose and uncompromised style together.
We know how loved your dog is, they are your family and we know you want the best for them.  The Urban Travel Bed is just the beginning of a range of products designed to give your puppy comfort from their crazy puppy days into doghood.

Each One, Reach One

Your purchase of an Urban Travel Bed is special for a big reason.
We contribute a portion of our net profit towards financially assisting injured, abandoned dogs who desperately need medical treatment.  Selfless rescuers foster and care for them until they are well enough to be adopted.  Often they fund the expenses from their own income.  We believe in the mantra ‘Each one, Reach one’ and with your purchase you have been instrumental in helping us reach out to a dog in need.  Thank YOU!!

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