Dogs love adventure and will happily sit anywhere, with their own dog travel bed outings are even more enjoyable!  Visiting busy and unfamiliar places can be stressful for many dogs whether they are small, medium or large dogs.  Taking in all the sights, sounds and smells of busy new surroundings can be highly stimulating and sometimes it can induce anxiety in dogs.  
Your dog will look to you for your guidance and reassurance that they are ok.  If you have a belonging that is familiar to your dog like a dog travel bed, it can help to encourage calm behavior where ever they go with you.  

We highlight 5 important reasons to give your dog their own travel bed and make your outings together even more enjoyable.

calm dog resting on urban travel bed dog accessory

One of your puppy’s first and most loved belongings after you bring them home is their bed.  It is their safe space. It is their own little part of the house where they can snuggle down and rest deeply. 

Dogs thrive with routine and familiar belongings give them a feeling of security and comfort.  Is there anything more joyful than a happy dog?  Dog’s are no longer just pets, they are family! More dogs accompany their owners on every day activities outside the comfort and security of their own home.  

Traveling with your dog and exploring the world together is fun.  Dog’s give us companionship, comfort and happiness and there are many owners who find it very hard to leave their dog at home.  Dog’s are no longer being kept at home in the yard waiting for the next game of fetch.  Dogs are now commonly seen in public places accompanying their owners to their favorite dog-friendly cafe, restaurant, their workplace, assisting with daily tasks, on day trips and vacations or enjoying a run at the dog park or the beach.

5 Top Reasons to give your Dog their own Travel Bed


Dog’s love their belongings.  The familiarity of their own scent, your scent and the scent of their home is an important and reassuring signal to them that they are safe.  A versatile dog travel bed can also be used at home as a casual bed that they can lay on to relax.  Use your dog’s travel bed indoors throughout the house, on the sofa, by your desk, on the patio and in the car as a casual resting space for your dog. They will quickly associate the travel bed as a familiar belonging that gives them the same sense of security that they enjoy at home. It’s like their piece of home away from home!

Comfort and Cleanliness

If your dog is accompanying you to different places you will want your dog to feel comfortable and relaxed.  Having a dog travel bed that is soft enough to feel comfortable but durable enough to withstand frequent use is important. A travel bed can also act as a protective barrier against dirt and grime keeping your dog’s coat cleaner for longer. A padded mat also minimises the discomfort of sitting on cold, hard floors and protects your dog’s limbs and joints from becoming stiff and sore.


With familiarity comes a sense of security.  Your dog will positively associate their travel bed as a belonging that they have with them for their comfort.  Placing it next to you when you stop will give your dog their own safe space. The reassurance of having a belonging that gives them the familiarity of home may help to minimise anxiety and restlessness.  Give them a few of their own toys and treats to keep them occupied while they happily relax on their comfy travel bed feeling safe and secure next to you.


Your dog’s most prized belonging is you!  Being with you is one the most important things in the world to your dog.  When they learn to sit by you on their own travel bed they feel close to you and disruptive behavior is less likely. It is cute to cuddle a puppy while you enjoy an outing for coffee or try to work but it becomes much harder to have a medium or large size grown dog sitting on you!!


When you use your dog’s travel bed at home you can take advantage of its versatility by using it to teach your dog the positive behaviors that you would like to see from them when they are outside the home.  Teach your dog to Sit, Stay and Go to their travel bed and they will develop a positive psychological connection with it.  They quickly learn that staying on their travel bed will reward them with treats and lots of praise from you.  As you train your dog with their travel bed you will build strong communication with your dog and that is so important when they are in highly stimulating and distracting situations.

Do you have a travel bed for your dog when you take them out with you?  Let us know in the comments below

We made the Urban Travel Bed for our dog and these are many of the benefits we have noticed with our own dog Riley. The security of their own safe space has a calming effect on dogs. You can shop the Urban Travel Bed on Amazon

dog relaxing on travel bed feeling calm and secure
A dog travel bed offers reassuring comfort for dogs on the go.
The plush, quilted microvelvet mat on the Urban Travel Bed returns warmth and provides a safe, comfortable space for dogs to relax.
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